I don't accept the following matters.

·Free request
·Fan art
·Cartoon projects
·Subject to copyright transfer
·Things that require non-disclosure of actual results
·Things that are contrary to public order and morality
·Adults ·R18s with age restriction

I can only pay via PayPal.

About the production flow


Please contact me via the link on this site.
Please use the template.
Please be sure to include the details of the project, file format, budget, and delivery date.

*I try to reply within 2 days. If you do not receive a reply after more than three days, please let us know the details by email.

Email address → []

Please let me know the details of the illustration by email.
Regarding illustration images, please prepare reference images and links to facilitate communication.
If you are worried about the image, please feel free to contact me.
*In principle, advance payment is required for individual requests.
(To avoid trouble after production)

Start of production
After hearing the details of the illustration, I will send you a rough sketch by email.
After you agree with the rough, please check the order of line drawing → coloring.

I will send it by email with the file attached.
If the file size is heavy, I will send you the URL of the online storage by e-mail.

Notice regarding your request

·The basic fee is per medium.
·If you are using it for commercial purposes, please make sure to inform me in advance.
·In the event that the number of media used increases, 20%-50% of the production cost will be charged as a secondary fee.
*If the product is used for a second time without prior notice, a fee may be charged.
·If I do not receive a reply within 7 days after the estimate, I will cancel your request.
·Even if the production is interrupted due to customer reasons, the fee may be charged depending on the production situation.
·I do not accept refunds after delivery is completed.

Notes on the product

·The product you requested may be introduced on my portfolio or SNS. If there is a problem, please let us know in advance.
·Please do not modify the illustration without permission.
*Please let me know in advance if you need to change the specifications of the product or video.
·There will be an additional charge for major modifications after coloring.
·If there are multiple or significant changes due to customer convenience, additional charges will be incurred depending on the situation.