If you are interested in this commission, please feel free to consult me!

①Please let me know the details of your request on this form. Twitter DM is also possible!

Please let me know the following.



【PayPal e-mail address】

​【Commission Type】 ​​

【Delivery Date】 Please tell me at least 2 weeks.

​​【Message】 Please let me know if you have a reference URL, a designated motif, or a pose.


②I will check the contents of the consultation and send you a message by email or DM within 2 days.
If you have a reference image, please send it in reply.
I will give you an estimate through this conversation.

③If there is no problem with the estimate, please proceed with the payment.

④ Once I have confirmed the payment, I will start the production.

I will ask you to check the illustrations in the order of rough, line drawing, and coloring.
I will proceed with each process after receiving an ok from you.

⑤I will send the delivery file via email or online storage.

Paypal (USD)

I'm sorry, but please pay the full amount in advance.

〇 I will...
original characters
real people


✖ I won't... 
fan art

※As for FF14, it would be fine if you could customize it and have the character settings you created. Official characters are not accepted.


Please correct rough sketches and line drawings up to twice. I cannot issue a refund after the work is finished.

I will not transfer the copyright.
Please do not resell, duplicate, or claim as your own work.
There are cases where the illustrations delivered are published as portfolios.

Illustrations are basically only allowed for personal use. Please consult me if you want to use it for business.



I am Japanese and English is not my native language, so I will appreciate it if you please keep your requests simple and give me some time to respond. Thank you!😌